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Where do I fit in W’s donor story? Part 2

Read Part 1 of Where do I fit in... The first thing I did was talk to my friends in the IVP. These are internet friends I have known for nearly ten years. Most of us met in a donor sperm thread on a fertility forum. When the forum became unwelcoming to all we established our own hangout on the web. Over the years we have been a part of each … [Read More...]

Plaid Life

Plaid Life


Happy Compus Day!

Having to explain a holiday that does not involve cake or the giving of gifts is harder than I anticipated. That doesn't mean I don't do my part to talk about the … [Read More...]

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more than the moon

We went to look at a potential rental yesterday evening. It was nice, it checked many of the good boxes, but it is just out of our price range. Our real estate person is going to see if there is any wiggle room with price, but if there isn't, we are ok with … [Read More...]

How I remember my Grandmother

she taught me

I woke up so early this morning. Millie was on my mind. Today marks five years since she left us. I miss having her at the head of the table, the person at the heart of every decision, the reason we made infinite number of choices. Millie taught me: • how … [Read More...]

birds out the window

the October situation

We've been finding coins more often than usual. Our family accepted several years ago, back when my grandfather passed away, that the coins were simple winks and hellos from another ripple. When Millie died it was common for us to find a pair of coins next to … [Read More...]

Social Ambassador for Social Good

having a seat at the table

I was recently invited to be a Social Influencer for Social Good for Johnson & Johnson. When they first reached out to me I thought it sounded like a lovely idea, but I didn't really want to be in some massive group of people. I like to get more involved. … [Read More...]

Grasshopper and the Golden Rule

the grasshopper and the golden rule

After spending a small part of our Saturday at the library, W and I decided to make a quick stop to the WaWa on our way home. When we returned to our car I glanced over at the white mini van parked next to us. The windows were casually rolled down most of the … [Read More...]

blessing of orphans in Uganda

Having Access Shouldn’t Be So Difficult

One of the biggest decisions I ever made in my life was choosing  to become a mother. Every single aspect of my motherhood was a choice: I decided when I would start to try to have a baby. I selected the sperm donor. I selected the clinic I … [Read More...]

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