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are we meeting for the first time?

I am in California enjoying great hair days and amazing scenery. I may be meeting you for the first time this weekend. I'm excited about that. If we grab a moment over coffee or in between sessions, chances are we won't have time to share our ENTIRE stories. Goodness knows I will try because I am a chronic over-sharer and a chronic appreciator of … [Read More...]

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w at playground

sir and ma’am

The other evening W was stretching out in the pool to hand a kick board to a boy about his age. The pool was a bit loud, there was your typical outdoor summer … [Read More...]

Plaid Life

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w on a hot day

more car talk

W: I saw Wonder Woman on your computer. Me: I'm working on an article about her. She's filming a new movie right now called Batman vs Superman W: Who does Wonder Woman vs? W: So can we go to the movie when it comes out? The Wonder Woman movie? Me: Sure. … [Read More...]



I fell in love with a neighborhood this weekend. It felt so perfect. I realized as I was walking through, it was the smell of these blooms doing their magic. The intoxicating olfactory memory carried me to the backyard at my grandparent's house. I really am … [Read More...]

a list of what is good

I have been making writing here a priority every week day. That means: show up, write, mark the day. Too many days go by where I skip saying or writing anything because I have mismanaged my time or I feel like I have nothing of value to say. Value? Writing is … [Read More...]

weary wednesday

wednesdays are weary

With school over W is in this pre official camp kind of camp experience. His school is open and he is still going, but activities are pretty chill and lax and that is just fine for everyone involved. Just before the summer officially began I shuffled W's … [Read More...]

crazy thing called hope

I should have realized once I blogged about the possibility of the house before it was a sure thing that I was risking having to write this post. I really hate that I have to write this post. I could have just skated along never mentioning the almost house … [Read More...]

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