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W Talks About Being Four and Turning Five

I love interviewing W. He is not always a fan of it so when he is in the mood I have to seize the moment. Sometimes that means the lighting isn't so great or things aren't set up as well as I would love them to be, but being able to film his honest responses are priceless. I filmed this a few days before W turned five. I love that I will always … [Read More...]

Plaid Life

Plaid Life

playground birthday party

It happened!

That's how W woke up this morning: announcing "it happened!" Of course "it" being that he had turned five. The birthday fairy had left him a room full of balloons, a … [Read More...]

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I realized last night that pretty much EVERYTHING here is about W. I'm cool with that. A lot of who I am is connected to his being on the planet and making sure his journey here is great. It's not all of me though. Spring is coming and with the thaw I really … [Read More...]

one more week of four

One More Week of Four

It is raining and my allergies are prolonging a cold that will not quit me. In one week I will be frantically stuffing items into the back of the car and getting ready to help W's friends celebrate this marvelous thing called TURNING FIVE. His wishes for the … [Read More...]

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It’s not how you play the game

One of the things we are working on with W right now is the scale of his reactions. That sounds kind of ridiculous to say because a nearly five year old kid has a very large scale. W's scale, in particular, isn't so much large as it is fast. The speed in which … [Read More...]

Revolutionary Optimists: watch an inspiring clip

While I was in D.C. with the other Global Issues Fellows we watched clips of the documentary The Revolutionary Optimist. The film shows the amazing efforts of teens to help end polio in India. Earlier in 2014 India celebrated being three years polio free. … [Read More...]

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slowly checking things off the list

I've been keeping my emotions in check about my health. Being able to finally start the process of having tests run was a serious relief for me, but I never really suspected there would be anything truly wrong. It took a long time, too long, to get the results … [Read More...]

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