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explaining bravery to a five year old

This weekend I watched W wait in line for one of the most elaborate obstacle courses I had ever seen. I kept waiting for W to skip out of the line and abandon the wait for the course, but he kept waiting. He darted back several times to collect and then return my mother's wallet so she could provide her driver's license at the sign in. Yup, it was … [Read More...]

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Celebrating 93

celebrating 93

For my entire life August 12th has been one of the most special days in our family. Even though Millie has been gone for almost five years I still can not imagine a … [Read More...]

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the responsibility of rainbows

the responsibility of rainbows

This weekend I walked out of the grocery store and looked up. After a storm I always look up. Always. To my complete delight there was the most delicate and perfect rainbow right in front of me. I marveled at it for a moment and then pulled out my phone to … [Read More...]

the fault of my anxiety

the fault in my anxiety

One of my many faults is an overwhelming desire to make sure other people are comfortable. The desire is greater than fulfilling my own needs for comfort and many times it is the source for great anxiety. The chatter in my mind can get very loud in public … [Read More...]

Happy and Healthy First for W: a post for Blogust 14

Say hello (no really, please do)

Please join me for a Twitter chat about #Blogust today Friday August 1st, 1pm ET (pssst, if you like this image Walgreens will donate one vaccine) The first year of W's life was more exciting than I had imagined it would be. I needed help. At birth I was … [Read More...]

#tallgirlsofBlogHer (it was a thing)

the one thing I didn’t learn at BlogHer

It never ceases to amaze me. I'm mid flight, returning home from the conference in a fog of sleep deprivation, while other attendees have already organized and edited photos, written blog posts, crafted thank you notes, and launched new websites. HOW IS THIS … [Read More...]

neighborhood bunnies


We were slowly pulling away from dropping off a friend yesterday when W chirped from the backseat, "Mama! Bunny!" I slowed the car down even more and pulled over and we watched two bunnies play a game of leap the frog on a neighborhood sidewalk. W whispered, … [Read More...]

Dresden at BlogHer14

are we meeting for the first time?

I am in California enjoying great hair days and amazing scenery. I may be meeting you for the first time this weekend. I'm excited about that. If we grab a moment over coffee or in between sessions, chances are we won't have time to share our ENTIRE stories. … [Read More...]

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