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Holiday Punch Recipes

big holiday punch

This morning I started thinking how nice a warm mug of homemade cider would be. I haven't yet purchased any this season, but the idea of the perfume of an apple harvest wafting through the house while I worked sounded brilliant. Not brilliant enough for me to go to the store, but brilliant enough for me to ponder if Millie had any recipes for … [Read More...]

Plaid Life

Halloween'd Face

5 Random Things

Casey (aka Life With Roozle) did something totally random. Seriously this stuff never happens. She tagged me. To write about random stuff. Five random things to be … [Read More...]

Plaid Life

iced coffee

Becoming Ouiser Boudreaux

I always hoped I would grow up to be a Clairee. The more honest I am with myself, and the closer I get to being 40, the more I need to accept I am a Ouiser. There is … [Read More...]

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Hammacher Schlemmer - animated cat ears

Is Hammacher Schlemmer just messing with us?

Hammacher Schlemmer is one of my favorite catalogs. Truly. When a new one arrives in the mail I flip through it swiftly, then I return back to page one and savor each product slowly. In a word they have always been quirky. Many times they have been other … [Read More...]

donor story

Where do I fit in W’s donor story? Part 4

Donor Story Links: Read Part 1 of Where do I fit in… Read Part 2 of Where do I fit in… Read Part 3 of Where do I fit in... The absolutely comical bit about this happens to be the fact that my mother recorded Delivery Man onto our DVR this last week. I … [Read More...]

fall weather

Where do I fit in W’s donor story? Part 3

Read Part 1 of Where do I fit in… Read Part 2 of Where do I fit in… What was presented to me on the DSR was information, numbers, data, and reporting. A family reveals small nuggets to share, little breadcrumbs, and it is up to you to decide how much to … [Read More...]

silly W

Where do I fit in W’s donor story? Part 2

Read Part 1 of Where do I fit in... The first thing I did was talk to my friends in the IVP. These are internet friends I have known for nearly ten years. Most of us met in a donor sperm thread on a fertility forum. When the forum became unwelcoming to all we … [Read More...]

in the sandbox

Where do I fit in W’s donor story? Part 1

I am going to be treading lightly here as I feel like I am on the fringe of things. One of the more challenging aspects about writing about life in an online medium is properly figuring out where your life story is vs where another life story is. We are all … [Read More...]


Happy Compus Day!

Having to explain a holiday that does not involve cake or the giving of gifts is harder than I anticipated. That doesn't mean I don't do my part to talk about the history behind observational days. Columbus Day has been a bit tricky for us. Here is a … [Read More...]

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