Story of Santa

December Rekindle

It happens often enough that I am no longer surprised by it and no longer fight it: December is a beast. I used to force myself into merriment and

hard day

Eggs over medium

This has been one of those days where I have not experienced silence. At all. From the moment I woke up the frenetic energy of the day has been vocal

kid led writing

all the numbers

W is about all of the words and all of the numbers. He writes down addition problems for himself on scraps of paper and is constantly counting.


learning as you go

As parents we learn to adapt every day. Temperaments change, schedules change, everything changes. Sometimes being a parent is hard. We all know


It’s fun to stay at the…

December 2: GRATITUDE Now that the family has had a membership to the YMCA for almost a full season I am able to step back and see how much it has