Grandmother and granddaughter
me with my Grandmother

I’m Dresden. I began writing under the alias ‘Calliope’ at Creating Motherhood in 2005. This site began as a place to chronicle my journey to motherhood as a single woman.

It soon became a community that I could turn to when I needed to talk about my life as a full time caregiver for my Grandmother Millie, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2003. I wrote a lot about being her caregiver as it was a defining moment of my life. Millie passed away in the Fall of 2009 but I continue to consider myself her caretaker as I continue to talk about and share with others what it was like to care for a loved one at home. If you ever have questions about this please do not hesitate to contact me.

great-grandmother and great-grandson
Millie and W’s hands

I also write about being a single mother. My son, who is called W on the site, was born in the Spring of 2009. The story of how he came to be is a very special one and I am very open about being a single mom by choice via anonymous donor sperm. I have tried to become pregnant two more times and sadly both attempts ended in losses for us (an ectopic and a miscarriage).

As much as I would love to add to my family by having another baby it seems that physically it just isn’t possible. Emotionally I am not sure I can go through the process again. I haven’t closed any doors, but sometimes I think I see a window has opened.

Grandmother Mother Son
Lolly, Me, and W

My family has been through hard times, probably like many families in America. We have, thankfully, turned a corner. I write often about our experience with being homeless and how we were able to get back on our feet thanks to hard work, friends, and public assistance. I also provide a space for other people to share their stories of hard times as I truly believe story telling is the best way we can teach and help. My son, my Mother (Lolly) and I are rebuilding our lives just outside of Philadelphia.

Mother and Son

In addition to writing here I also cover entertainment news and pop culture at Babble and am a video contributor to Kids in the House. You can see me talk about Choosing to become a single mother there. My writing has been featured or syndicated in Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, BlogHer, AimingLow, Parenting and Type-A Parent.

Creating Motherhood changes as I change. Currently my posts are about being a single parent to a seven year old son, my fitness/wellness journey, social good campaigns, and life in a multigenerational family. You can check out some of the other bigger themes I write about within the footer below.

Have questions, comments, a social good campaign you’d like me to hear about? You can reach me by E-mailing me.

Thanks for reading!