Please e-mail if you are interested in advertising on Creating Motherhood.

Creating Motherhood is an established site that is growing every day in new readers. Most of the readers are women and all of them are amazing. Blog metrics are available upon request.

My sidebar runs on the right side of the blog and space is available immediately below the fold.

The rates are as follows:
• 160×160 pixel ads (button) are $50 a month
• 160×400 ads (sidebar tower) are $75 a month
• 300×250 ads (sidebar box) are $120 a month

• If you have a service, app, or product that you would like me to review please contact me. I am very selective about what I will review but am open to hearing about anything.

• I host giveaways. Please contact me for more information.

• Size parameters can be adjusted to suit individual projects
• Discounts are available to small businesses or certain businesses that have a focus on helping women or Moms.
All payments must be made via paypal and in advance
• For a small fee I will help you design your ad – let me know in your message if you are interested in this.
• I do not accept all offers.

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