New Hat.

W has a long history of hat wear. If I had more energy I would present to you a collection of his mug in hats. But if I paused to go hunting for those photos now another day might go without my writing here and for heavens sake we have got to get that Mother’s … Continue reading New Hat.

Spring Break

Only once in my life have I had, what you might call, a “typical” Spring Break. It was the Spring of my senior year in high school. Some of my favorite friends and I piled into a VW Jetta and drove to Memphis, TN for a version of Spring Break. When we got to Memphis … Continue reading Spring Break

Three little words

I have two good friends that I met at college. Both boys, both dramatic, both from the Northeast, both gay. And they couldn’t be more different. On paper you would cast them the same way. But in person they were opposites. I remember speaking to them, on a super rare occasion they were actually at … Continue reading Three little words

How now

How on earth did so many of you continue blogging and reading blogs after giving birth? Seriously. I am so so behind in reading & commenting & being in the know and feeling connected. And all of those reading while nursing people- HOW?! But right now WW is having some Grandmother time and I have … Continue reading How now