half birthdayNot to say I am an expert on it, but I have now been 40 for EXACTLY 6 months. That’s right, today is my half birthday. And yes I am absolutely one of those people who celebrate their half birthday. Of course the word “celebrate” is very much in air quotes. I say it with a wiggle of my eyebrows. My social life is mostly via my kid or online. WOOO!!!

The calm I hoped to feel upon turning 40 has lasted. That is a relief. My 30’s were full of a lot of awful. There are silver linings, but for the most part, I am THRILLED everything is in the rearview. Turning 40 is an exhale, an achievement, a victory.

Before I turned 40 there were bucket list things I wanted to do. Weirdly I don’t really give a crap about many of those things on the list anymore. I want strength and a solid foundation. I am excited that I will be done with school JUST before I turn 41. That feels like a huge (HUGE) achievement and jumping off place.


• fiber is my friend
• I don’t explain why I need to sleep. I just go do it.
• someone recently told me I was weird. I only spent 2 days feeling squicky about that before being able to let it go. In my 30’s I would still be a ball of feeeeeelings.
• I discovered I like tequila – as long as it is mixed with Fresca
• yup – I wore this shirt yesterday
• got a new bathing suit and only spent half an afternoon making sure I had confidence to wear it (always have someone you can text through this special brand of panic with!)
• seriously – I totally wore that bathing suit!
• pour over coffee – I can not believe I only discovered this 6 months ago!