I’ve been elbow deep in school this Spring. It has been wonderful and yet also overwhelming. I love learning everything, I want to know everything, and yet I get so frustrated when I don’t quickly comprehend. Wanting to be an instant expert is an infuriating trait to have.

This week I have a final project due in my Computer Science class – a functioning Android mobile app. I have spent HOURS and HOURS on this project. From idea to conceptualizing to power-pointing to trying to making it work. And I have failed a lot. I have failed so much. I want it to do stuff and It seems like it should do the thing I want it to do and yet IT WILL NOT DO IT. So I start over. And I get on a roll and things look good and then… nope. I crash. And I crash. It is infuriating, and yet I keep diving back in because I love the problem solving aspect of creating and building a mobile application.

Going back to school is very good for me.

But just when I think I am a young whipper snapper college kid, I find myself all geeked out over a new episode of Antiques Roadshow. Then I remember – I am OLD. But seriously – how great is Antiques Roadshow? So good. There’s drama and suspense. Will the antique be authentic? How much did the person pay for it at the garage sale? Will it be worth more??

And then comes the best part – the big reveal. When the appraiser shares the value of the item and the person has to portray some sort of made for TV reaction. These moments always crack me up because you can clearly tell who is legit surprised and who is phoning it in. I mean, come on, old lady with the Tiffany vase. You can’t tell me you are truly shocked that the item is worth more than the $11 bucks you paid for it at an Estate sale. I also love the people who seem to be secretly angry about the appraised amount. They probably expected to hear the painting was worth 10 grand, but they just heard it is valued at around $1,500. So they have to play off that they aren’t mad… but you know.

But the best moments are the genuine moments of shock and awe. The moments when it is clear someone had no idea they owned something so precious. And they are doing all they can to not swear or fall down.

Honestly this show acts as my lullaby most nights. I settle in for the night with about 20 minutes of political news, get all riled up and cranky, and then I put on a DVR’d episode of Antiques Roadshow and turn on my TV’s sleep timer. I go to sleep listening to amazing backstories of rugs or belt buckles. It is very refreshing.

Plus I may or may not have a thing for Nicholas Lowry. The man was made for plaid suits and has such obvious enthusiasm for his job.

Nicholas Lowry


Our Spring has been full of rain and baseball and rainbows and Muppet movies (because reasons), and school plays, and studying for finals, and surprise trips for milkshakes, and showing up.

Honestly that is what I have been working on the most – showing up. For me, for my mom, for my kid. I can’t say yes to everything. I really want to. I am very much a yes girl, a people pleaser. But It is exhausting. And with so much going on I have learned I literally can not do all of the things. But when I can – I DO. And I do with my all.

Image Credit: PBS