baseballMarch was a blast. It was over way too fast. It was a month filled with two different Spring Breaks, my mid-terms, a bout of Strep, and Easter! We are still having debates about what is appropriate breakfast food. As in, “No. You may not eat chocolate bunny for breakfast today.”

It was hard to not be able to plan something for Spring Break but the overlap and fortitude just wasn’t there. I think W had a pleasant enough time. He got to go to my college campus for a day and hang out with me while I met with my advisor and the fine folks in financial aid. The biggest WOW factor was the parking lot. He couldn’t get over how huge it was and that it was filled with cars. I was thankful for his good behavior during my stressful day. I only have 4 more classes until I am done with the program!


On days when I had mid-terms and classes W went to work with Lolly. He has such a blast being her “assistant” during the day. Lolly does make the days pretty special with nice lunch treats at the Shake Shack.

We’ve been spending most of our time on the baseball field. W was drafted up to the “big kid” league from the clinic league. Pretty amazing for a guy who had never pitched or hit a ball – ever. He’s on a team with mostly 3rd graders and his coach has been great. W is so fearless and happy out on the field. It’s a big time commitment for all of us at three practices a week – but it’s nice to see him enjoying himself.

Now we are in the home stretch to turning 7. I honestly can not believe how lucky I am to be this guy’s mom.

(I’m not going to point fingers, but an entity other than myself misplaced all of the comments on my blog. The weirdest thing is I had no reaction. Sure, it was frustrating, but I didn’t flail about or collapse into fits. I attempted to fix the problem on my own, I then asked the entity responsible for the issue to look into it, and when they couldn’t find a solution I asked a friend to look into it. Turns out – there really isn’t a way to get them back and leaving comments now creates a server error. So I’ve decided why bother with comments? I let the technical issues keep me from writing for a month and that’s lame.)