woman plays golfHow do you know someone is over the hill? When they decide the first post of the new year should be about digestion. But honestly, this is something that has been pretty important to me over the last couple of weeks.

For several months I have been feeling very lethargic and low energy. As someone who balances a heaping plate of Thyroid disease with a side dish of depression I am used to navigating through the muck. Feeling fatigue is sadly pretty normal. But EXTRA fatigue was a drag.

I’ve been having more bouts of anxiety than I’d like. This is also something I have grown used to, but lately anxiety has pretty much kept me homebound. I make plans – excited in the moment about the IDEA of seeing friends. But on the day I am terrified of the idea. Exhausted at the thought. In a panic at the notion.

So I cancel. Raincheck. Apologize a LOT.

I’ve realized some of this anxiety is connected to a new-ish health issue that is going on. I was in complete agony every time I ate. Bloated, gassy, tummy rumbles, in the bathroom for ages, uncomfortable, sluggish. It was getting awful. Very awful. So awful that I was making a list of my problems and about to call my doctor.

But then I wondered if I should try something first.

I know a lot of people with thyroid issues immediately change their diets. I never did. Digestion issues were never a problem for me…oh.

The first thing I looked at was what I was eating: lots of green beans and broccoli and salad and high fiber bread and cream cheese and cheese and cheese and cheese. Essentially everything I put into my body was torture. All the veggies were high fiber and hard to digest and the only protein I was getting was from, well, cheese.

I looked up “easy to digest food” and found an entire world of people talking about EXACTLY what I was going through. Immediately I changed what I ate and within two days I was shocked by how much better I felt. It’s also jarring how quickly accidentally eating the wrong thing will bring the pain immediately back.

I’m still planning on bringing all of this up with my primary care doctor at my next wellness visit, but I am relieved I have found some relief. (So relieved – I have plans to see a friend tonight!)

Yup. I’m totally an old fart, who just wrote about farts. Awesome.

Image Credit: Rare Book Division, The New York Public Library. “DINNER [held by] COLORADO HOTEL [at] (HOTEL;)” The New York Public Library Digital Collections. 1900.

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