holiday image for santa
Several years ago I spent the early part of December feeling like the worst mom ever. I didn’t think Santa would be making much of a visit. The mom guilt was massive.

Christmas is about many things, and while it isn’t the MOST important thing, the unwrapping of gifts is certainly up there. When you can’t provide that experience for your child you feel awful. Beyond awful. But that Christmas ended up being so special and meaningful. I was lucky that friends and loved ones, without my asking, quietly and sweetly stepped in to be W’s Santa.

This year I am experiencing the blessing of Santa friendship again.

What’s “Santa friendship”? It’s the only term I can think of to describe these amazing people we have in our lives. I try to keep my financial panic on lock, but it’s not a secret that times are tough. I’m not living paycheck to paycheck; I’m living freelance invoice to freelance invoice. I know this is temporary. I KNOW. I am working my butt off to keep us steady.

When the Christmas season rolls around you want to be able to wow. There really is just no way to turn off that desire within to make Christmas morning as magical as possible.

This year my son is having a wow Christmas thanks to many Santas. Some of these Santas may have no idea how much they have done for us to keep the spirits bright. Yes, to us, it is a HUGE deal to be able to build a gingerbread house. Yes, to us, it is a HUGE deal to have stocking stuffers. An almost new hand-me-down bike?!!

I know Santa, many of them. And our Christmas would not exist without them. I look forward to when I can be this kind of friend to someone – because I know how life changing it is. I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

Thank you:
Carter and Brian
Kristen and Liz

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