I am not off the charts anal with organization. I love a to-do list and I love crossing items off my to-do list and restructuring my to-do lists and making my to-do lists more efficient and color coded…but it may take me a moment to locate where I have put down my phone in my house. (and no, my ringer is not turned on, so no we can not call it to locate it…)

One of the things I appreciate, nay, respect, about the calendar year is how organized holidays can be. Every month can have its own special day.

The seasonal holidays are a bit fluid, so we just roll with them, but once we skip into fall we know what’s coming. We know the order of operations. We know the holidays lead into each other. It’s Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Year’s Day. All holidays joined like a link on a chain of fun.

But what happens when all of those links run and blur into each other? CHAOS.

At least that is how it feels for me. I know people have so much enthusiasm and love for December holidays, but it’s not December. You’ve skipped a step.

Thanksgiving never gets to shine. This is a shame because the holiday asks for nothing but to be fed. It simply says, “gather around the table and eat.” Maybe talk about the stuff you are thankful for. Maybe think about the people you are thankful for. Pass the pie, enjoy the butter, embrace the company.

I’ve had so many different kinds of Thanksgivings in my lifetime. I have had the large feast of food and family. I have been the plus one. I have been welcomed into homes when I did not have a home of my own.

But it doesn’t get to be Christmas until we acknowledge Thanksgiving. It’s compartmentalized. I won’t frown at anyone else’s merriment – far be it from me to bah anyone’s humbug. But do know that there are some of us out here who aren’t quite ready to cross the threshold into the room of the next holiday. And it’s ok. Your way is ok too. I’ll join your songs in a week or so.

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