Last week W and Lolly and I went to go see Hotel Transylvania 2. We were excited to see it as there are oddly not that many family films that celebrate multigenerational families. The film is silly and sweet and all the things you want your weekend movie going experience to be. W and Lolly especially appreciated all of the grandparent/grandchild adventure humor. I love that the two of them have a bond of such specific kind of shenanigans.

Originally, one of the things we discussed doing after seeing the film was decorating our porch for Halloween. We’ve never decorated beyond your basic pumpkin, but our particular neighborhood really goes all out for seasonal decorations. I put a pause on the Halloween decorating plans once I realized we would be seeing the movie in September. I am a big stickler for staying month appropriate when it comes to holidays.

We decided to make decorating the porch part of our three day casual celebration of W’s half birthday. We get our pumpkins from a local fundraiser and they won’t arrive from the farm until the middle of the month, but we could certainly get things ready for them!

halloween decorations

When picking out decorations I was surprised how few options there were for those who wanted to decorate, but didn’t want to be gruesome. We like our vampires, mummies, and ghouls in animated movies – NOT on our front porch. Same goes for skeletons, giant spiders, and webs. Nope. Not for us. We like the color orange. Simple, tame, and sweet. Just like little Dennis in Hotel Transylvania 2.

I was excited to find a silly “spooky eyes” set that came with three sets of eyes. W has decided each pair represents someone in the family.

halloween decorations

Going to the movies is, and always will be, one of our favorite family activities. But it was fun to turn our enthusiasm for this particular film into an at-home togetherness project.

halloween decorations

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fandango family bloggerAs part of the Fandango Family I was provided compensation for this post. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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