This week we were going to drive to Alabama. We have been planning the trip for a while, but the planning had been difficult. The purpose of the trip was to visit W’s Godmother and to visit Millie’s cousin. Millie’s cousin (who is 94) has not been feeling well and I suddenly had this overwhelming urge to go see her. Mother and I got into planning motion with requesting time off from work and rearranging summer camp schedules. I called our cousin and asked her if we could come. She was agreeable to a visit, but wanted is to call as soon as we had the dates locked down.

We continued to plan. We mapped out our route, found our hotel for the duration of our stay, figured out what to do with our cats, and had a massive conversation about road trip snacks.

We had our dates. We were set. Mother called our cousin to give her our update. She then, essentially, told us she wasn’t really up for company. We explained we didn’t expect her to entertain us, that we would take turns visiting (because I totally understood W could/would be a lot of energy for her to endure), and that we simply wanted to sit with her and hold her hand. She would not have it. If she couldn’t host us she didn’t want us to come and she didn’t feel well enough to host us.

Here’s the thing: you do not debate or argue with a 94 year old southern woman. Ever.

We were very crushed. I have been missing Millie SO MUCH and was really looking forward to having some time to talk with her cousin. But it was not going to happen.

We had the road trip food, had the time off, and thankfully had not yet paid for the hotels. But this clearly meant we needed to have a mini-getaway. So we did!

We drove two hours to the Pocanos and stayed at a lovely resort with lots of family activities. A mini vacation with a six year old was mostly wonderful, but W is truly going through a phase that made some of the time away a challenge for me. However, the great parts were very great. I taught W how to play Uno, we drove a golf cart around chasing rainbows, we swam every day, we had campfire with smores, we hiked, we saw waterfalls, and W became a Junior Park Ranger. Mom took W out to the giant front lawn so he could run laps and the two of them did a lot of swimming together while I rocked on a creaky front porch.

We put a lot of files in the memory bank – and that is always important and special to me.

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