swim test
Seven weeks ago W decided he wanted to take a swim test. He wasn’t ready to take and pass the test, and his swim instructors knew this, but everyone was thrilled he wanted to TRY. Trying is the big deal thing. Trying is what got him to show up. Trying is what finally got him in the pool. He wanted to try the test so we let him. He did the best he could do and was given a red bracelet for his bravery. He was so proud. We all were.

Starting the first week of summer camp W decided he would take the yellow bracelet swim test. Passing this test meant he could swim in the shallow end of the pool AND the middle part of the pool. He would still have to wear a life jacket, but it was a step up and he wanted it. He took the test and he took the test and he took the test. His resilience blew me away. He knew one day he would succeed, he could see it happening.

And then he did. It was such a wonderful and amazing day!

Yesterday when I picked W up from camp he held up his arm and there, perfectly wrapped around his wrist, was a green bracelet. He decided he was ready to take the deep end swim test – and he passed!

“Mama, this means I can go ANYWHERE in the pool and I don’t even have to wear a life vest. I’m free!”

This weekend we will celebrate with back to school shopping and milkshakes. And a trip to the pool!

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