If you follow me on Instagram this challenge may not be much of a surprise to you, but others of you may not be as familiar with my affection for the Donate a Photo app. I learned about this social good app over a year ago and think the concept is pretty amazing.

Let’s talk about the name. “Donate a Photo” – some of you may wonder what that means. Donate to who? Where is my photo going? Your photo is and always will be YOUR photo. I now look at “donate a photo” to mean “donate this moment” because a photo is just a snapshot of time. We give and donate our time to causes, a photo is another representation of your time.

As to what (beyond the time of your photo) is being donated – the answer is pretty amazing. Every time you donate a photo Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 to a cause. You can donate once a day towards a list of rotating causes.

Current causes you can donate to daily include: Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, PFLAG, UNICEF, Girl Up, Operation Smile, and Save the Children.

There is going to be an awesome update to the app in August and I would love for everyone I know to already be in the habit of using the app daily by then. When you see someone in your feed sharing a Donate a Photo image give them a high five or thumbs up – they just helped make a donation to a charity that is important to them and it feels nice when we can all celebrate social good choices.

You can get started by searching for Donate a Photo in your App Store or visit http://www.donateaphoto.com. I’m using the hashtag #summerofgood until August and if you download the app and start using it please feel free to use that as well. Feel free to tag me on Instagram too (@DresdenPlaid).

Tell your friends and family and get them involved with the app – social good feels great when we do it together!

Disclosure: I’m a Social Influencer for Social Good for Johnson & Johnson. No compensation is given as part of this relationship. I’m a loyal fan of the Donate a Photo app and sincerely wish everyone would use it every day.

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