When I picked up W from camp yesterday he casually held up his arm. There on his right wrist was the most amazing, splendid, glorious, fantabulous item: a yellow bracelet! There are two swim tests at the pool. The first one gets you out of the shallow end and into the middle section of the pool. The second test gets you to the deep end. W passed the 1st test and can now swim outside of the shallow end.

His journey to learning how to swim has been a challenging one. With his permission I wrote about the struggle earlier this week. Seeing how far he has come has been inspiring to me. It has not been easy, and yet W has pushed and pushed to get this far. We have been celebrating every milestone, but passing the 1st swim test is pretty massive.

I wish I knew more about his days at camp. When he does share it sounds like he is having fun, but a bit of a loner. Yesterday he told me some kids were teasing him about his name. Of course that is hard to hear, but as someone with an unusual name I certainly get it. I told him some kids simply don’t know how to react when something is different or unusual. He can respond by not responding or he can let them know the teasing bothers him. (can six and seven year olds have rational conversations about this?) If the teasing continues he can not respond (try to ignore it) or bring it to a counselor.

I was worried he would be anxious about going to camp this morning, but far from it. Today was crazy hair day and he was so excited to have me do something zany with his hair. I rubbed blue and green sidewalk chalk on his wet hair and he loved it. I hope he had a wonderful day. I always do. But there seems to be so much growing up happening this summer I am especially rooting for him.

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