Creating Motherhood - Kitty Waters Thank you to anyone who has listened to my podcasts. I absolutely did not mean to take a break from doing them, but in my last episode I teased that I would have an update on the status of a cat for W and it felt like I couldn’t press on until there was news.

I had NO IDEA it would take so long for there to be news.

The arrival of this new member of our family may have turned me into an Internet Cat Lady. I have Instagram’d him several time and now here is an entire podcast about how he came to be part of our lives. Expanding our cat family is a huge deal for us.

You can listen to the complete story of how this beautiful boy joined our family.

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Here is an excerpt:

I couldn’t see. The cat room was a swarm of people. Too many people. I couldn’t tell who was a volunteer and who was a regular person. W loves to ask people for help, so he tapped the elbow of an older gentleman and said, “how do I get one of these cats?”

Always right to the point.

The gentleman immediately started weaving W through the crowd and towards the cages. I pushed through and followed. The volunteer pulled out a beautiful young calico from a cage and put it on his shoulder. I reached out and pet her head and W said hello to the cat. The cat growled and recoiled. Not from us, but from the madhouse scene in the cat room.

The volunteer replied to the growl with, “Oh this girl might be a cranky one.”

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