backyard tulip tree
W turned six years old. The kid needs TWO HANDS to tell you how old he is now. He has now been on the planet for longer than the amount of time I tried to make him. I know, weird math, but it was one of the first things I thought about on the morning of his 6th birthday.

This is the first birthday the Birthday Fairy didn’t make a visit. It was not calculated at all. I totally forgot and I felt horrible about it. What’s the point in trying to create groovy traditions if you’re going to botch them!?

He was blue about it, but the day itself was lovely and I think he recovered. I told him the Birthday Fairy was working on a big side project: a kitty!

The cat is another thing I botched. BUT NOT ON PURPOSE.

The foundation for a cat began over a year ago. It actually began when we started looking for a new home. On W’s new house bucket list (right there with “bunk bed and a garbage can with wheels”) he wanted to have his own cat. I would not even consider an additional cat at our old place. My mother has a beautiful older kitty and she was all we needed. We started discussing WHEN an additional cat MIGHT be possible. The conditions that needed to be met were: larger new house and older/more responsible W.

The day we moved into our home W started talking about how he couldn’t wait to get his cat. We set a “MAYBE” possibility for after his birthday. MAYBE. I decided we would go read to the cats in the cat room at our local SPCA while W was on Spring Break. (This is a program they have, not something I came up with.) The plan was W would go read to the cats, I would talk to the staff about the possibility of adopting one, and then during the week we would be able to determine which kitty was meant to be with W.


No. Not at all.

(I’ll finish the rest of the cat story on my podcast which should be in my next post.)

This year W decided he wanted to go to the movies for his birthday. The nearest cinema just upgraded to those recliner seats (zomg) and it seemed like it would be a fun experience. He asked a few of his friends he has known since pre-school to join him. There was no cake, there were no party games. It was so casual and mellow and zero stress. What a relief.

Just before turning six W lost a top canine tooth and two days ago he lost the other one. He was concerned the Tooth Fairy wouldn’t know he had moved, but this is the beauty of us having a Tooth Fairy door. We can be anywhere and as long as we put the tooth in the door she will find us. I am thankful the Tooth Fairy has continued to trade shiny pennies for clean teeth and that W continues to be thrilled about the exchange.

To be honest I still don’t believe I have a six-year-old. I look at photos of when W was an infant and I swear they were from yesterday. I can still remember how it felt to swaddle him. I can still remember how he squeaked when he was learning how to crawl. Six years old is very independent and confident and loud. (but so was five years old, four, three, and so on) What’s changed at six is I am not rushing in to catch him or tell him, “wait! No! You can’t do this by yourself.” At six he usually can. At six he can do more things by himself than he realizes. (YES, you absolutely can put your socks on without help, kiddo!)

At six he is tall and agile. He moves on the soccer field so fast and with such passion. His focus and dedication during karate class has earned him a yellow belt. He still always wants to be first, but he has started to see being first isn’t always the best. He aspires to be the best.

Still, the core of W is kindness. He is a hugger and asks people how they are doing. He helps people up, cleans up boxes tumbled off the shelf by others in the grocery store, and shows a compassion for strangers as well as friends. His grandmother and I try to lead by example, but this boy is his own kind person and it is beyond lovely to see.

Six years. We’ve only just begun!

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