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The moment I decided to jump into podcasting I wanted to be able to interview people. As much as I think it is an interesting way to archive my written posts, conversations with people are much more fascinating. The interviews I have been able to do thanks to my gig at Babble have always been a blast. Surely talking to my online friends would be just as much fun as talking to celebrities.

I decided to come up with a show for people who write online, WITH people who write online. The beauty of doing a podcast with writers is that it breaks the 4th wall. We READ each other’s voices, but now we can hear. And of course that is where “Hear My Voice” comes from.

My very first guest is someone I have known online for almost ten years. Kymberli Barney and I met through the amazing world of infertility bloggers. Her wit and compassion have made her more than a friend; she has become family. This is something I think happens with many of us who write online and connect with each other. We get to know each other through our shared stories, and any bonds that are created are incredibly deep.

Kymberli BarneyI’m beyond thankful to Kym for agreeing to be my first guest. She even endured a pretty comical dress rehearsal full of technical difficulties. (hopefully she can now confirm that the process was smooth – and fun!)

One small note: Kym and I recorded our conversation over Skype and at times there are some audio lags. I am letting you know so you know the sound issue is on my end.

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Get to know Kym by reading some of her amazing work referenced:
Traveling without Moving
A Series on Self-Doubt: In Which I Make a Confession with a Capital D
In the Light of Ferguson, You Are Revealed

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Hear My Voice Image Credit: Portrait of Lilyann Carol, National studio, New York, N.Y., ca. Oct. 1946, The Library of Congress

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