first podcast
I like to create spreadsheets. Who doesn’t? There is something so incredibly calming about seeing well-organized data. When I was working at the startup I kept a spreadsheet of everything I did during the day. It not only made me feel like a badass and super productive, but it also was nice to be able to look back and see progress. I could measure areas of improvement by how much faster I completed a task. That was nice.

I realized yesterday that I should probably keep some sort of spreadsheet to organize jobs I apply for, or even jobs I might be interested in applying for.

The funny thing is that I had this desire for the spreadsheet before I had even completed the necessary retooling of my resume.

I would like to now say that writing an updated resume SUCKS.

It took me forever to get everything sorted and organized and listed and shuffled and rephrased and resume’d. Every time I looked at my life on a PDF document I felt defeated and dejected. Every time I saw the end date for the last place I worked I felt like I had failed. And yet I kept pushing. Friends continued to look over my edits and then finally. FINALLY I realized it was done.

And as much as it sucks to update a resume, finally getting it done feels fucking awesome. Victory lap!!

I immediately applied for a job and happily added the job to my spreadsheet.

So now to search for more places to apply.

Today I also did a little work on a book proposal. So… there’s that.

I also decided to teach myself a new skill. Podcasting. Every single post I write gets edited by my reading it out loud. I figured I could start by simply recording what I write and then go from there. Or not. But the goal is to learn.

If you are listening to this I will have been successful. Being successful at something will keep me going.

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