new office
February 1st my family got the key to our new home. For the last two weeks it has been house packing, house purging, house moving, house whatevering insanity. First, I want to say, I love where we live. LOVE IT. I love seeing the house as I am driving down the street. I love pulling into the driveway. I love opening the front door and being greeted with so much light and space.

And boxes.

Oh my, there is so much to sort and unpack and shuffle around.

Moving is stressful and as much as we planned and packed and worked on our own, it was a relief when the actual professional movers showed up. Having to navigate a move in the middle of winter, during snow days, and high-stress work days, and days without internet – well that shit was just NOT FUN.

But as we were in it we kept telling ourselves, we are pushing through. There will be a stopping point, there will be a moment where we emerge and are suddenly on the other side. There are not many of life’s problems where you are given such clarity of finality.

Our morning routine is similar to how it used to be, but not really. We still get up, have breakfast together, take Lolly to the train station a few blocks away, and then W and I make the drive to his kindergarten. When the weather is better Mom will probably walk to the train as it is not very far and our neighborhood has a lot of walkers. The drive to W’s school drags. Going there is sweet and chatty, but on the drive back it feels like it takes FOREVER.

I know part of that is my wanting to just be done with a chapter, and we are not. W loves his school and kindergarten and it was never an option for him to leave in the middle of the school year to go to the elementary school down the street. I do, however, look forward to next year when our morning will not have so much drive time.

Ok, you know what, all of that sounds so bitchy. The truth is, it will probably suck to not have W trapped into conversations with me next year. When I pick him up after school now we have such lovely chats about so many things: his day, my day, questions about the universe, math problems, you name it. But we have this gift of 20+ minutes of uninterrupted time with each other. I know I will miss it once it is gone.

I should probably reconnect with some podcasts and enjoy the bonus 40 minutes of solace I have driving now.

Back to the house…

One of the very first rooms we properly set up was W’s. For as long as we have been house hunting he has requested a house with a garbage can with wheels and a house with a bunk bed. He can now cross both of those items off of his list. Being able to create a space that makes him happy feels good.

My big thrill is that I now have a room designated as an office. No more working in the dining room! I can be in a room and shut the door if needed. As someone who works full time from home this is all kinds of validating.

But there is so much unpacking to do. I hear there are actually people who enjoy that part. Pretty sure I am not one of them.
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