packing and purging
I have discovered that I have an amazing talent: when it comes to burying one’s head in the sand I am a champion. Of course you would think that I would have thrown myself into the art of purging and packing with gusto. Anything that gets us closer to the epic long goal of actually moving should be the most exciting thing happening right now.

Except I sincerely suck at packing. The overwhelming task is, well, overwhelming. To combat this (because, let’s face it, it HAS TO HAPPEN, so buck up, and all that jazz) I am trying to focus on one area at a time.

We are incredibly lucky to have the luxury of a one month overlap in our two homes. This and the fact that we are basically an “in-town” move will allow us to move in on our own a lot of stuff before the heavy lifting movers are called in.

It would be really amazing if I could harness some organizational super powers. There are actually people who can pack and not have panic attacks. Amazing. I haven’t actually had any big panic moments, but I have been derailed within some moments. Mostly during the purge.

I discovered a box that was mostly untouched from my last year in Los Angeles. In the box were a few items from early in my Alabama relocation, probably randomly thrown in during a move from a small rental to what was our home for a few years. But mostly it was mixed CD’s from friends, letters I never mailed, photos from my apartment in LA. In the box there was also a letter from the man who was my boss for many years. I did not remember ever reading the letter before but I must have. I just didn’t absorb it, wasn’t in the frame of mind to absorb it.

It was oddly easy to carry around the weight of feeling like my boss was happy to see me go. I don’t know if that will make much sense, but working in the film industry is all-consuming. It is also a job where you are seldom told you are doing it right. It was awkward and weird when I left LA and in my mind I imagined my boss was annoyed and angry. Who knows, he might have been.

The letter was a good-bye note and it didn’t have any anger in it. It was actually pretty amazing and special. It allowed me to take a moment and feel proud.

So maybe not everything that gets purged and packed before a move is an object. Maybe sometimes it is a feeling, or a shift in a feeling. If only I wasn’t so slow at packing up the rest of the stuff…

(pictured: the 1st round of bags to be donated)

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