reading a book
I eased my way into 2015 the way one might ease into an overly hot bath. I knew it would be more comfortable if I waited to let the waters cool, but waiting wasn’t going to happen. Instead I planted my feet in the hot water and let the rest of me catch up. Hello 2015, we meet at last.

One of the self-care things that I started doing in late December was incredibly helpful. I remembered how much I enjoyed reading. Ridiculous, that I forgot, but it happens. I so easily make time for the other spectrum of pop culture, TV and movies; and then books are oddly neglected. In the month of December I read 10 books.

As soon as I finished one I would begin the next. Every night I would walk into someone else’s life, someone else’s story and experience their loves and losses. Their adventures, dramas, work calamities. It was tremendously wonderful.

I fell in love with an Australian author that it seems everyone else already fell in love with years ago: Liane Moriarty. I started with her two super popular books (The Husband’s Secret and Big Little Lies) and am now nearly done with What Alice Forgot.

Obviously I am not about to issue a book report here or anything, but I had a jarring moment of clarity and recognition while reading What Alice Forgot. Without spoiling the plot, I can say it is about a woman who hits her head and gets amnesia. She no longer remembers the last ten years of her life. She is then met with the consequences of her modern self. It is a fantastic read and I keep thinking about what the me of ten years ago would think of my current life.

Alice, who is obviously the main character, has an older sister, Elisabeth. Elisabeth is, hands sown, the most accurately written character dealing with infertility that I have ever, ever, EVER read. I got so emotional reliving some familiar moments with her that I had to stop and have a bit of personal grieving. It’s amazing when a book does a bit of healing, isn’t it?

{This post by Liane Moriarty explains why the character of Elisabeth is so perfectly accurate.}

Other things I have been doing in this first week of the new year:
• procrastinating purging and packing the house
• over-thinking online dating
• taking myself to the movies (saw Into the Woods and enjoyed it)
• shoveling snow
• thinking about packing
• still not packing

Image Source: New York Public Library Visual Materials / Lantern Slides / Branch Libraries / Extension Division / Public schools and Work with schools

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