Our new homeSaturday morning I wrote a massive check and mom and I signed a lease on a home we will move to in February. It has taken me years to save up for this moment. It has also taken us years to find a place that would work for all of our needs.

At first we thought our needs list was small and basic: close to public transportation, three bedrooms, and within a good school district. Plus we needed the rent of the home to be within our means, obviously. I suppose we were naive in thinking it would be simple to find such a home. Our wish list was something we were very realistic about: two bathrooms, a back yard, specific school districts, central air, bigger kitchen.

When I first saw the listing for our new home I thought it was probably a typo. It had four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a backyard, was close to transportation; and within a school district not on my wish list, but still one I considered good. It was also, most importantly, within our price range. Mom called and called again. Then she called again. We attempted to set up a walk through but schedules didn’t match and I was sure the house would be gone within 24 hours.

We called one more time asking to see the house and were told, essentially, not to get our hopes up because so many other people had seen it and the owner was going to be VERY particular about who he agreed to rent to. That didn’t deter us one bit and on mom’s birthday we went out and looked at the house and fell in love.

By the time we were done looking at the home the listing agent had revealed that she was the one who was doing the screening of applicants and she felt like our family would be the perfect fit. She was going to move us to the top of the pile. Two days later we found out it could be ours.

It didn’t feel official until I started writing the checks. OMG!

I can’t quite get my brain around the reality of this happening. When you save and save and stress and stress and spend so much energy on one goal the feeling of victory is sublime.

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