hard dayThis has been one of those days where I have not experienced silence. At all. From the moment I woke up the frenetic energy of the day has been vocal and loud. And nonstop.

W didn’t have school today so I set him up with magnet tiles and paper and crayons and I explained my morning work schedule to him. I honestly wouldn’t have flinched if a laugh-track bellowed through the house during my earnest discussion of deadlines and projects. It was ridiculous to expect quiet.

But I did have hopes.

We lasted twenty minutes before I caved and allowed for Wild Krats to be turned on the TV. I am always in awe of parents who are able to work at home with kids. I’m horrible at it. Awful.

We managed in parallel activities for a while, with PBS serving as the constant soundtrack, and then it was time to go on errands.

For the rest of the day I realized how much I wanted, needed silence. How often do any of us ever really experience the stillness of quiet?

It’s odd as an extrovert who usually recharges from the company of others, to admit that my battery desperately needed a recharge from being alone.

At the end of our busy day W and I picked up mom at work and then we went out to the diner for supper. W flipped his placemat over and started creating addition problems to solve. I could feel him calming down with the repetitive writing and counting. His recharge.

GRATITUDE : December 5
I’m thankful for eggs over medium. When supper was served at the diner there was a brief moment where it was quiet. Soon W will be asleep and rather than turn on a show as I often do at the end of the night, I plan on reading. Quietly.

It was a long day. A long and loud day. I’m thankful I have a child who is such an exclamation point in the world.

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