kid led writingW is about all of the words and all of the numbers. He writes down addition problems for himself on scraps of paper and is constantly counting. Counting. Counting.

Earlier this week he was on a play date with two of his friends from school and just before we left the indoor park we prompted the boys to stand next to each other and cheese it up for a photo. I took 3 quick photos and the mom of the other boys took a handful as well. In every single one W is counting on his fingers.

Non. Stop.

Words are still slowly becoming unlocked. They started work on kid led writing in school which is something we have been doing at home for a few months. The idea is that the kids sound out the words and write out the words based on how they hear it. The goal isn’t to correct spelling, but to get them more comfortable with the awesome connection between letters and sounds and words and stories.

December 4: GRATITUDE
I am thankful W loves school and is excited by learning. I am thankful concepts like numbers and letters and words are clicking for him. I am thankful he wants to read and be read to. I am thankful he wants to count all of the things.

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