sunsetAs parents we learn to adapt every day. Temperaments change, schedules change, everything changes. Sometimes being a parent is hard. We all know this.

There is a large box of stuff that will remain unsaid about that right now, but I am struggling and to deny that felt weird. One of the reasons why I felt so strongly about giving myself a daily gratitude challenge this month was because there have been too many recent days where I have gone to bed without finding the glimmer of good stuff.

There is ALWAYS good stuff. Always.

It’s just that sometimes the other shit gets piled up on top or weighs more or is louder or feels more immediate. The good stuff shouldn’t be elusive and out the front door.

December 3: GRATITUDE
After hanging up the phone earlier this morning from a particularly difficult call I continued to cry. I had begun crying half way into the call and I still had a bit to get out. When I calmed down I was able to realize something that on many days, MOST days, I would have not allowed myself to realize.

I am doing the best I can.

I am fighting and I am pushing and I am prepared to move mountains.

Too many times I get trapped into a dangerous place of comparing myself to other moms. Oh those amazing moms who have it all figured out. They don’t seem to fight the same battles I fight, they don’t seem to wear or even need the same armor. It’s not productive to look at the world like that and it achieves nothing. Plus how the hell do I know what another family is fighting? I don’t.

I am thankful I gave myself some credit today.

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