IntroducingNot that anyone needs my permission, but I promise not to groan and grumble out loud if I see holiday lights or hear Christmas music. I know so many people like to bring in the holiday season as early as possible, but before Thanksgiving is just not ok. (for me)

I will absolutely own up to one of the primary reasons behind this recoiling of the bells. My birthday is on Christmas Eve. So while I know the carols are not about me and MY birth, they do end up symbolizing an association with the day. Every time I saw a photo of a Christmas tree online it was if someone was tapping me on my shoulder whispering, “you are about to have a BIRTHDAY!!!!”

I challenge you all to endure nearly two months of marketing reminders that the last year of your 30’s is swiftly approaching.

But here we are in December, the month where everyone FINALLY accepts that peppermint really is the best, and the month where temperatures insist we all cuddle up and wear plaid boots. It is a fine month to have been born within (not that I had any say in the matter), but it really does match my temperament perfectly.

The month of November flew by without much notice from me. I was depressed, as often happens around Thanksgiving, and then I pushed through, as thankfully I have successfully been able to do for years. I didn’t want another month to zoom by without taking a pause each day and appreciating it. The gratitude posts I saw so many creating in November were inspiring and I have decided to make my own gratitude challenge in December.

If you were born in December and want to join in, I’d be pleased to have the company!
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December 1: GRATITUDE
Today marks the first day in almost eight years that I no longer have ads from BlogHer on my site. I was beyond lucky that the company took me on long ago. I was a tiny infertility blogger who wrote posts about her uterus and donor sperm and being single and WHY would a publishing network want to loop me into their network?!! But they did. It was thanks to the ads from BlogHer that I was able to buy essential groceries for my family some months. It was thanks to their support that I was able to grow and connect with some of my most favorite people.

Their network is massive, and I was thankful to have been a part of it.

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