elsewhere I have writtenI had every intention of writing more here this week, but I kept sitting on my hands. I had written some pretty raw and open posts for other places and that isn’t something I am used to doing.

Usually I keep my messy here and my tidy over there. That being said, I have enjoyed writing about newsy topics that, in a sideways sort of way, connect to my life. I mean, look, it is not often I can have a moment where I put Jennifer Lopez and myself in the same thought bubble.

Since I am proud of what I have written this week, I wanted to share it here. The theme threads are more interwoven than usual, so if anything I want my own pin in the moment.

• Dear Dads: A Statue Celebrating Single Mothers Isn’t the Enemy
(you can tell it has struck a nerve with some men as, right off the bat the 1st comment begins, “it’s not a family, it’s a household”….ALRIGHTY

• Jennifer Lopez and I Approach Dating the Same Way: We Don’t Do It
OMG. I keep thinking about dating. The thinking goes a little something like this, “I wonder what it would be like to meet a fun and nice guy to hang out with?” Then it quickly goes to, “how the HELL does a person even meet a guy? That sounds horrible! And besides, I’m nearly 40! Who would settle for me?” But I have been leaving the house and going to places and I have meet some great guys… and their fantastic wives.

My loved one has Alzheimer’s. Now what?
It has been easier to write more openly about some of the harder parts of my time with Millie, now that there is more distance of time. Before Millie was ever diagnosed I was certain she just didn’t really like me, but now I know she was afraid of what was going on with her health and didn’t know how to tell people.

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