This week begins our entrance into the world of exciting extracurricular activities. When W was at pre school he would create these fantastic yarns about why he couldn’t do something. “I’m sorry. I can’t clean up my cars right now. I have to get ready for my soccer game. In China.” The idea of sports was alluring and exciting to him, but we stuck to weekly tumbling classes at a local kid’s gym. One of the reasons was because the concept of “winning” was HUGE and overpowering. Game playing was a skill we were working on.

With W in kindergarten I figured it was time to find out if he was ready to try some new activities. Our family joined a Y in a neighborhood we are hoping to move to and we studied the class list. Monday he had his first Lego class (OMG!!), Saturday he begins swim lessons (OMG!!), and Sunday he starts indoor soccer (OOOOOMMMMGGG!!!).

It was awesome to briefly look in on him Monday afternoon while he was in his class. He knew one of the boys from his pre-school, but all of the other kids were new to him. To say I was proud is an understatement. It was also wonderful to see W all chuffed up with importance: “I have classes!”

I’m probably more excited than he is for swimming lessons, but I know he will be happy to have some independence in pools once the summer returns. Plus swimming is an activity we can do as a family all year. (see how much positivity I have about swim lessons? There is no way it’s not going to be awesome. But, yikes, I gots some anxiety about how he is going to do in class. And I am keeping that anxiety to myself.)

doing homework
doing homework before Lego Class

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