Halloween'd FaceCasey (aka Life With Roozle) did something totally random. Seriously this stuff never happens. She tagged me. To write about random stuff. Five random things to be precise. Seeing I was tagged made me feel all retro blogger. Remember when we weren’t in a million conversations with a million different people in a million different places? We all had homes on the internet. These homes were our blogs. We all welcomed each other in, pulled out a comfortable chair, offered a flavorful beverage, and shared stories.

I’m still happy to have company in my home, more than happy, but I know I am more likely to have conversation or snippets of chat in other places. But today it is nice and cozy to fluff up the pillows and gesture towards the sofa and say, “hey! want to hear five random things about me?”

I still have no idea what to say if someone asks me where I am from. It is a truly difficult question. I grew up in the south, went to school in the northeast, and then lived in the west. Now I am back in the northeast. I’m from…um…everywhere?

I rarely (seriously) buy myself anything in the “pamper yourself” category, but the other day I bought this 3 step face wash thing. It was a process that took over fifteen minutes: scrubbing your face, putting on a lemon peel, and then putting on a calming mask. It was so magical. I used to love doing girly stuff like this, you know in the land of time before I was a caregiver or mom. No one told me I had to stop doing it. Stopping it must have been some sort of bizarre martyrdom I was inflicting upon myself. Ridiculous.

Watching my son dance is one of the easiest ways to lift my mood. At the end of the day his class does about ten minutes of dancing together. They dance to these super silly songs about math or manners and OH MY HEAVENS – adorable. What makes it even more adorable is that 96% of them dance with their backpacks on waiting to be picked up. W dances with pure emotional thrill and every time I see it I am reminded how much I needed this boy in my life.

We are embarking on one of my favorite times of the year – this fantastic in between Fall and pre Winter bliss. Everyone looks so cozy in their sweaters and boots and I love snuggling on the sofa under a blanket. What will make the season ugh is eventually the heat will be on everywhere. My body temperature LOVES LOVES LOVES the weather right now. What blows is walking into a building that is already on super heat blast. Everything gets dry, there is that smell of heat…no thanks. I love the cool. That slight chill. Mmmmmmm

I just finished reading “Not That Kind of Girl” by Lena Dunham and loved it. It wasn’t a perfect book and I didn’t expect it to be. I admire her for writing it and I found it inspiring. It has made me realize stories and storytellers can be flawed and it is ok.

Bonus – I just Halloween’d my face for the week and that always makes me happy in such a dorky way! (hence the creepy photo)

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