Having to explain a holiday that does not involve cake or the giving of gifts is harder than I anticipated. That doesn’t mean I don’t do my part to talk about the history behind observational days. Columbus Day has been a bit tricky for us.

Here is a paraphrased breakdown of a conversation that happened this morning over breakfast:

W: What’s Compus Day?
Me: Columbus Day?
W: Yes, Compus.
Me: It’s a day where we, uh, honor, wait, uh observe, a man named Christopher Columbus. He claimed to be the first person to discover America.
W: So he was first.
Me: No. He was the first person from his, uh, area, his, uh, neighborhood, to come to America. Well he claimed to be. But when he got here there were lots of people already here.
W: So he wasn’t first.
Me: No, he wasn’t. It’s kind of like when we went to that indoor jumping place for the first time. None of our friends had been before, but they had heard it might exist. We went there, we were the first of our friends to go, but of course when we got there we weren’t alone.
W: We were not the first people at the bounce house.
Me: Exactly.
W: So Compus wasn’t first.
Me: FIRST DOES NOT MATTER. We have got to let go of being first. There are no prizes for being first!
W: Yes there are!

Me: ok, yes, there are. But not today.

Hopefully your explanation of the day was more successful at your house…

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