Harvest Moon and Jupiter, 2010

We went to look at a potential rental yesterday evening. It was nice, it checked many of the good boxes, but it is just out of our price range. Our real estate person is going to see if there is any wiggle room with price, but if there isn’t, we are ok with walking away and continuing to keep saving and keep looking. Mom took us out for Chinese afterwards and when we left the restaurant we all gasped at the stunning moon.

A man was walking into the restaurant as we were walking out and Mom told him, “look at the moon!”

(by the way, I love that she did this as I now know without a doubt where I get my rainbow viewing gene from!)

The man looked up and marveled. He said it reminded him of the moon from his boyhood home in Sierra Leone. When a moon was large and bright you could see everything – it lit all the paths.

I remembered seeing something about a lunar eclipse happening soon so on the way home we asked Siri when that was happening. Ha! Turns out it was happening the next day. Also known as this morning.

When I woke up I saw that it was still dark outside. I was shocked that W was still asleep, but I nudged him awake and whispered, “want to try to find the moon?” He asked, “are we going into space, mama?”

We quickly got dressed and went outside, and spun around from our front yard looking for the moon. She was no where to be found. I could start to make out the first glimpses of the dawn and wondered if we drove towards it we would have better luck. I ran inside and grabbed my purse and our shoes and off we went!

W had all of the windows of the car down and was peering out his window through a telescope he had made in summer camp out of a paper towel holder. We were taking our space mission seriously so he was Captain W and I was Captain Mama.

“Captain Mama – I do not report the moon from this street.”

We drove, looking for streets with great hills or views, chasing the sunrise and in search of the moon. Every minute we were on the road the morning traffic increased and I realized we needed to head back home and start our own day. It was a failed mission, no lunar eclipse viewing for us.

I got W to kindergarten on time this morning and as I hugged him good-bye I told him I loved him more than the moon. He nodded and said, “even the moons we never see.”

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