Social Ambassador for Social GoodI was recently invited to be a Social Influencer for Social Good for Johnson & Johnson. When they first reached out to me I thought it sounded like a lovely idea, but I didn’t really want to be in some massive group of people. I like to get more involved. When I found out the group was not only incredibly small, but that being in the group now meant I could gain access to some of the most amazing conversations and activations about social good – well, I was SO IN.

Working with a company like Johnson & Johnson was like suddenly being friends with the kid whose parent is a rock star. When I expressed interest in getting information about the Social Good Summit in NYC and the following Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) talks at the UN, it turned into, “when do you want to go? who do you want to meet? anyone you want to interview?”

This is all to say that last Monday I went to NYC and met up with some of the most admirable people walking around the planet.

I got to talk tech stuff with the people behind the Donate a Photo app . I was able to speak to people from Bridge to Employment – a leadership/mentor program for teens around the world. I talked about about Twitter with Barbara Bush in one of the more interesting elevator rides I have ever had. Every moment of the time I spent in the city was filled with either absorbing powerful speeches from philanthropists or having a conversation with someone passionate about changing the world.

One of the things I often asked people I met was, “what can I do?” The response was always the same: “please tell people who we are, what we are doing.”

I’d love for you to meet some of these organizations and join us at the table where we work together to discuss how we can work on MDGs 4, 5, and 6. These specific goals are: reduce child mortality, improve maternal health, and combat HIV/AIDS and other diseases.

Women Deliver
Katja Iversen, the CEO of Women Deliver, is a force. She has created a truly inspiring advocacy organization from the inside out. The primary vision for Women Deliver is: when the world invests in girls and women, everybody wins. Their site has many ways to get involved in whatever way you are able to.

Kupona Foundation
The work happening in Kupona is life changing; life saving. The foundation is focusing within the public health system in Tanzania to help create a medically safe space for women. One of the huge achievements they have reached is within advancements of fistula awareness. In some parts of the world, if a woman suffers from a fistula she becomes an outcast from her community. There have been stories of women suffering for over a decade without treatment. Kupona has made the treatment of fistulas a priority.

Do Something
I’m considered too old to officially be a part of all of the amazing work Do Something has going on, but if you know someone under 26 who is wanting to get involved in social good or volunteerism and they have no idea where to begin – THIS is where you send them. (they also welcome us old folks, sort of)

Disclosure: Johnson & Johnson made it possible for me to attend the #MDG456Live Sessions by providing transportation and lodging.

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