Grasshopper and the Golden RuleAfter spending a small part of our Saturday at the library, W and I decided to make a quick stop to the WaWa on our way home. When we returned to our car I glanced over at the white mini van parked next to us. The windows were casually rolled down most of the way and I could see hints of parenting paraphernalia from the front seat. I wouldn’t have given the van another glance, except there was a tiny moment of movement from the window. Seriously tiny.

It was a grasshopper.

The grasshopper was having a fantastic early autumn day walking along the grooves of the van’s open window. I pointed out the insect to W and we both watched it delicately move across the dark ribbon outlining the window.

All of a sudden I had this awareness: if a grasshopper was walking around on my open window I would REALLY like to know about it before I got into my car. I started thinking about what could happen if someone got into a car with a large insect without knowing about it. I imagined the moment when the insect might make itself known to the driver. OMG.

Obviously I couldn’t get out of my car and shoo the grasshopper away. Anything that involved my going near a stranger’s open vehicle window was not ok. (and could possibly get me arrested) So I did what I would want someone to do for me: I turned the situation into a grasshopper golden rule.

If a person parked next to my car observed a large grasshopper crawling around my open car window, I would really appreciate a heads up from them before I got into my car.

So W and I waited. WaWa is a convenience store so we knew our mission would be short. While we waited the grasshopper continued to move around the window, often times drifting out of sight within the vehicle. W made up a guessing game for himself as each WaWa customer came out of the store, wondering out loud if the person was the driver of the van.

“I think this is her!” He would hold his breath in anticipation and then grumble when the woman climbed into the passenger side of a nearby Honda. “She has out her KEYS, Mama!” I could see W in the rearview trying to direct a woman towards the van, but it was not hers.

The grasshopper was now almost to the top of the open window. I wonder how much of an achievement this really was, because I do admit to feeling a bit proud of it in a sort of “Little Engine That Could” sort of way. W and I watched the grasshopper slowly move to the inside top of the groove, upside down, and were mesmerized.

Then, quite suddenly, the grasshopper fell to the pavement. Outside of the van. I told W we could go now because waiting to tell someone you were hovering about to tell them about a grasshopper is just creepy…especially when the threat level is back to zero.

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