UPLOADPROFILEPHOTO (1)It’s a small thing, it’s a silly thing, it’s a ridiculous thing to be irked by: but without fail I get flustered when I change my profile photo and then a flurry of notifications happen. There has to be a way to update your Facebook profile without notifying everyone. Don’t get me wrong, it is incredibly nice for people to take a moment and comment on a photo and I DO appreciate it. What is hard is I worry people feel an obligation to comment or acknowledge profile image changes. I am nothing if I am not angsty. I have always felt it would be great if I could simply upload a new photo, or revert back to an older photo, without setting off a bell and whistle within the timelines of my friends.

I tried the old, “hide from timeline” trick and that seemed to be the answer, but somehow I was never fast enough to catch the image. And within those brief seconds a handful of people were delivered my selfie into their stream. UGH. Embarrassing!!

However, after much tinkering and putzing, I think (I HOPE), I have found a way to change my profile image without notifying the world. Since this was something I was eager to find out how to do I figured I would share it in case others were interested.

Update Your Facebook Profile Picture Without Notifying Anyone

1. Log into Facebook and onto your profile page (your timeline)
2. Under your cover image, select Photos, then + Create Album

3. Open (upload) the image you want to use for a profile image and then adjust the Album Privacy to “Only Me”, select “Post”

change album privacy4a. Return to your profile page (your timeline). You should see your image in your stream with a lock icon.


4 b. Select “Update Profile Photo” from under your existing photo. Within the popup scroll down until you see your album with the image you just uploaded.

select photo to upload5. Crop your image here if needed and select save. BIG NOTE – your image will be public (meaning friends will see you changed your profile) until you complete step 6 so steps 5 and 6 need to be done quickly together.

save profile pic6. Immediately return to your profile page (your timeline) and change the settings of the photo by clicking the Globe icon (for public) and changing to “Only Me”.  You can then select to hide the image from your timeline.




You have now changed your profile picture without notifying anyone. Have fun!

7 thoughts on “How To Update Your Facebook Profile Picture Without Notifying Anyone

  1. It worked and it worked so smoothly and I can’t say how much I’m grateful <3… Because sometimes is nice to do something off the radar… 🙂


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