haircut neededThe last time I had a haircut was during the filming of The Fault in Our Stars. I know this because I donated the 11 inches of my chopped off hair to #HairforHazel. I couldn’t remember exactly what the date of the haircut was so I did a search for the movie within my blog and ta-da! By the way, THIS is why personal blogging will always be important to me. The ability to search my life is nice.

ANYWAY. I have now discovered the last time I had a haircut was just over a year ago. Feels like it is time for another cut. My mistake in the cut I got last year is that it was just that – a cut. There was no style or consideration for my kind of hair. My long tresses were put into an elastic and then snipped. The elastic was released and that was my cut. It didn’t cost me a dime (except for the tip I left) so I am not complaining about it. I am just acknowledging that this year I probably shouldn’t do something so basic.

My hair is complicated. It is thick and wavy and sometimes curly and because of my auto-immune disease I often shed ridiculous amounts of it which makes my hair prone to getting very tangled. Because it behaves in a way I often can not predict or control I usually (ok, all of the time) end up wearing my hair in s sort of doorknob at the nape of my neck. It’s not the best look, but at least I know what’s going on.

I’m not sure what kind of cut or style would look good on me and what I can realistically manage/maintain. I am a wash and wear (or wash and bun) sort of woman and being able to stay close to that level of ease would be ideal. Oddly I don’t think I am doing Pinterest correctly for inspiration for this as I am unclear what to search for: haircut for thick curly hair?

This photo is from this morning (3 minutes ago!) so you can get the idea of what my hair situation is. Have any hair ideas?

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