George Bellows - Bethesda FountainOur calendars are always filled with reminders about certain dates, but at some point we no longer need to write the reminder down. Then our minds become a clutter with unclaimed dates as you land on a specific day and vaguely remember it once had significance, but aren’t exactly sure why. “I know I needed to remember September 15th for a reason…” Was it a bake sale? The day milk was going to expire? A deadline for work? Who knows, but the date is now significant and unclaimed.

I am not a whiz at remembering dates of important events, but through the course of years of planning dinners or gatherings, the dates of birthdays roll about in my head. Even though I am no longer friends or even close with the people associated with these birthdays I still end up thinking about them once a year and wondering.

I then wonder if once a year these people think of me. I have the benefit of a memorable date for a birthday so the odds are in my favor with this wondering, but you never know.

Today is one of those unclaimed birthday dates. In theory I guess you could say it’s been claimed and not surrendered, but once a friendship fades the date should really be up for grabs. It’s weird to wonder and speculate about where a person is in their life. What part of them would you even remember?

Dates are really just ghosts; wisps of people and events and moments in our life. They only exist once and then they are gone.

Image Credit: George Bellows – Bethesda Fountain

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