Screen Time DebateThis week I wrote about screen time over on Babble. In the conversations I’ve had with people after the post went live I am finding people still think “TV” when they hear “screen” and this may be why so many parents feel they should put limits on technology.

I monitor TV screen time. I monitor the amount of time W sits in front of the TV and what he is watching. Some days he watches more than others, some days he watches quite a lot, and some days he watches none.

However, I don’t think the other technology screens in his life should have such ardent time limits on them. I think it’s unfair that TV screens are lumped into studies with computers, tablets, and smart devices. I had quite a lot to say about it within my article, so if you want to jump in…
Why Limiting Our Kids to 1-2 Hours of Screen Time a Day Is Ridiculous

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