The Skeleton Twins PosterI went to the movies with Sandra this weekend. We saw Chef and I think it is safe to say we both enjoyed it. Without giving too much away (although it isn’t exactly a spoil-y kind of film) it is about a chef who begins to cook on a food truck. What was interesting about the film was how much of a fantasy it was. I am so used to there being outside forces against dreams and wishes, that it was unusual to watch a film where a person wants something and then, with very little obstacles, makes it happen.

Before the film there were some really (REALLY) good previews. I suppose when you see the arty-farty film it just ends up being the bonus that arty-farty trailers will proceed it. WIN!

After seeing the preview for The Skeleton Twins I actually got so twitchy to see the film I told Sandra I wished it was a book so I could read the book while I waited for the movie to hurry up and be released here.

Since I had “I WANT TO SEE THAT MOVIE!” reactions to these three I wanted to watch them again today.



Image Credit: Wikipedia

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