Fairmount Water Works FLOWBefore school started I relished in filling up W’s and my summer dance card with activities. Now that we are in what can only be called the bumpy learning phase of a new school year I have opted to keep our schedule as simple as possible. We are aiming for a weekly playdate with friends, a weekly drive in to pick up Lolly at work, and as much down time and decompression as possible.

One of the last activities we did together in the summer was to spend a morning on a tour of Philadelphia’s Fairmount Water Works. We had never been before, but had both been curious about the large and stately building along the Schuylkill river. Inside the building we learned about clouds, about how to have more efficient gardens, and about the fish in the river. We also learned about a festival happening later this month that got us both excited.

The Flow Fest will be happening on Sunday, September 21st, starting at 1:00pm. We got an early look at some of the activities planned at the festival and it’s going to be fun, nerdy, and exciting. (also it is going to be free!) The part W is most excited for is the splash organ. During our summer tour W was able to see a demonstration on a small-scale of this and he still talks about it. Through water and computer technology music happens.

Going to the Fairmount, and then exploring their trails and grounds nearby made me realize there is so much to do in Philly and we have barely done any of it. Doesn’t this happen whenever families live in our near major cities – you somehow end up never visiting the places the tourists flock to? It has inspired me to get proactive with finding fun activities in the city for us. Immediately after going to the Fairmount W and I (on a total whim) walked up the giant steps and spent the rest of the afternoon at the Philadelphia Art Museum.

But there are murals to see and a bell with a crack in it is around here somewhere!

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