In a week W will start school and our summer will officially be over. This last week before classes begin will be filled with house cleaning, organizing, donating, and playing. I still have a full work load to navigate within the week, and W doesn’t have camp to amuse him so we had to get creative! I feel a bit like Mary Poppins with some of my ideas but SOMEHOW I will make cleaning up the playroom and sorting through his clothes fun.

the best of summerThis has been one of the busiest working summers I have had but our family has been able to have a pretty fantastic summer. Part of this was planning and part of this was me simply saying, “fuck it!” and stepping away from the computer for a few days. A change in my writing schedule has allowed for a bit more freedom and that has been very much appreciated.

In the past I have stressed over creating bucket lists for the summer. While those are great for talking out plans and getting excited, I have a tendency to then use the list to beat myself up for the duration of the summer. Tick, tock – have you checked off items on the bucket list?! Tick, tock – you will disappoint your kid if you don’t! SHEEEEEESH. No thanks.

This summer I focused on saying yes as often as possible and working around beautiful weather. If it was a stunning day there was NO WAY we would spend the afternoon inside. Camp pick up was either at noon or three and if the weather was lovely we would then spend sometimes two more hours at the playground. W had friends who often invited him over for play dates or to a neighborhood pool – I said yes as often as possible. We spent several afternoons at story time at the library, we did craft projects with friends, and W has become incredibly skilled with Legos.

It’s been exhausting. I’m tired. I’m also not complaining. Within this summer, thanks to skillful planning on my mom’s part, I was able to travel out of town to two conferences. That stuff is complicated – even more so as a single parent! I have been very lucky.

As much as I have loved and appreciate this great summer, and it HAS been so great, I am looking forward to next week. There is a flutter of anxiety (isn’t there always with me?!) about being off routine right now and not knowing what the next chapter of school and schedule looks like. I will be relieved to know what the new normal is.

Our Summer

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