It never ceases to amaze me. I’m mid flight, returning home from the conference in a fog of sleep deprivation, while other attendees have already organized and edited photos, written blog posts, crafted thank you notes, and launched new websites. HOW IS THIS HAPPENING? Needless to say I didn’t learn how to master time management while at BlogHer. I’m going to just have to be ok with that.

This year’s conference was truly about establishing connections and meeting (face to face) people with whom I have collaborated with, been supported by, or been inspired by for years.

There are several layers to my online space. At my core is my personal blogging and the people who are a part of that connective tissue make me stronger and build me up. They also help me support other personal bloggers in different phases of their online journey. I’ll never let go of personal blogging. Some aspects of it will fade into the background as W gets older and it becomes more his story and less a parenting story. But I will always chronicle what I can so that my words can be a witness to my existence.

I think having grandparents who were so passionately involved in genealogical research motivates me a lot. They would discover fragments of journals and suddenly history became three dimensional. I won’t presume to think anyone who comes after me will care one bit about my preference for peppermint mocha creamers, but this chronicle exists because I do and because it can. There really needn’t be anything more complicated about it.

Another layer of my online space is the freelance writing I do. I was able to meet up with other writers who I have worked with in some chaotic moments and just share that in person, eye contact, moment of “dude!” There are so many wonderful and WOW freelance writers who work the way I work and why I work. We dive in and give it our all because we want the freedom to have as much time as possible with our kids. It’s a luxury to be able to create your own work schedule and not a single one of us takes it for granted (or denies how effing HARD it can be).

The layer of my online life that has all of me is the layer that will drop anything to talk to you about a cause. Causes are a part of my personal blogging, I bring them into my freelance work, and when I am able to amplify messages for others I will grab a megaphone and speak. If I learned anything from personal blogging (and this was a topic lightly covered within a fantastic session at BlogHer) it is that when you tell your story you may help others.

We are all so different and we carve out our online spaces in such glorious and unique ways. But standing alone on my own private mountain of self with all of my “layers” is ridiculous. While at BlogHer I spoke to so many amazing story tellers and captivating women. It made me realize I have been isolating myself a bit this year so I need to work on letting the gate down.

#tallgirlsofBlogHer (it was a thing)
#tallgirlsofBlogHer (it was a thing)

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