Dresden at BlogHer14I am in California enjoying great hair days and amazing scenery. I may be meeting you for the first time this weekend. I’m excited about that. If we grab a moment over coffee or in between sessions, chances are we won’t have time to share our ENTIRE stories. Goodness knows I will try because I am a chronic over-sharer and a chronic appreciator of other people’s stories. In case you decided, “hey! That tall redhead was kind of interesting! I wonder what her blog is like” I thought I would create this post for you.


I’ve been writing online for a while so my backstory on the internet is long and cumbersome. I can’t imagine wading through my archives! Here are some highlights.

Originally a “baby making” blog:

That’s right! I started this site to chronicle my journey to motherhood. Since I am a single mom by choice I knew I would need to create my own path to motherhood – hence the name of my site. I was already five attempts into trying to become a mom when I wrote my first post and a few months later I had my first big setback in lady town.
It’s not good.

Also a caregiver blog:

In between trying to become a mom, I was my grandmother’s primary caregiver. Millie was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and I moved in with her to be her companion and take care of her. It was a life changing decision for me and one of the best eras of my life. Being able to experience this stage of life with my grandmother was a gift.
Hallucination, Junction: What’s Your Function?

I created motherhood:

In 2009 I gave birth to my son W. The story about how he was created is really special to me. Being a single mom by choice is my normal, but some people have questions. I wrote a length post about it that may answer some of those questions (in case you had any).
Not knowing the difference

Online spaces are great for social good and activism

Being able to write through hardships has been a life saver. I blogged about being on food stamps, being homeless, being depressed, having infertility, experiencing an ectopic pregnancy, and the loss of a pregnancy after I thought “the coast was clear”. I also like to shine the spotlight on causes and raise awareness for organizations that I think are important to women, families and communities. Activism is also just a shift in how we see the world and knowing small things we do for others CAN make a difference.
5 East Ways to Be Compassionate With Sunscreen

I hope we DO meet and connect. If you have any questions about blogging please feel free to reach out here or on Twitter.

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