w at playground
The other evening W was stretching out in the pool to hand a kick board to a boy about his age. The pool was a bit loud, there was your typical outdoor summer ambiance noise, so W wasn’t sure how to get the kid’s attention. Rather than call out what I would have expected, your basic, “hey!” or “hey kid!” or even a Philly style “yo!” W called out, “Sir? Sir? Do you want this?”

Well of course the kid didn’t instantly turn around. He could probably write in his diary that this was the first day in his life a peer had called him sir. Eventually it was clear W was speaking to him and he took the board with a simple, “thanks.”

Now I have never seen or heard W call a kid “sir” before but it honestly doesn’t surprise me. My mother and I continue to live by the rules of sir and ma’am in our home and I encourage W to apply that level of respect out in the world.

I’m actually a little proud that he “sirred” a child he didn’t know.

Mom took the super cool photo in this post.

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