day at the beachWhen I was pregnant with W I became obsessed with something very ridiculous. I had grown to detest the city we were living in because it was all jumbled up and connected to Alzheimer’s and caregiving and hospitals and a very difficult era of my life. Since our house was halfway to the beach and halfway to downtown I realized it was just as convenient for me to give birth to W at the beach as it would be to drive to the downtown hospital. By driving to the beach W would not be born in the city I no longer cared for, but in a different city. A beach town.

When W was growing inside I often went to the beach and walked along the waves. It was peaceful even when it was load with the crashing water.

Last Friday I surprised W with a trip to the beach and it was so great to see the surprise sink in. We drove to a beach in New Jersey and had our toes in the ocean before the sun set. I was not expecting W to be nervous around the water. We went to the beach two years ago and he loved it but we were not able to go last year. This year he has been pining away for a trip.

There is something intimidating about a giant ocean in front of you. It took him quite a while friday before he would even walk into the water. I pointed out the pattern of the waves and I could sense him relaxing as he felt like he had more control over the elements. It reminded me of when I was a kid and mom told me I controlled the waves of the Pacific with my arms.

We spent all day saturday at the ocean: looking for big shells, counting boats, making friends with lifeguards, building sand castles, playing in the waves, and W took turns dancing and jumping and loving the ocean with me and Lolly.

He has told me since he loves NJ so much because he was made there and he loves the ocean so much because he was born there.

{this is my 1st time participating in Heather’s Just Write, no editing}

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