w on a hot dayW: I saw Wonder Woman on your computer.
Me: I’m working on an article about her. She’s filming a new movie right now called Batman vs Superman
W: Who does Wonder Woman vs?

W: So can we go to the movie when it comes out? The Wonder Woman movie?
Me: Sure. That will be fun. The year it comes out is going to be an awesome year for movies. That’s the year a new Star Wars will be coming out.
W: Will Wonder Woman be in Star Wars?
Me: Not this version…well, not that I know of.

W: I can’t even think about Batman and Darth Vader. I just can’t.
Me: What do you mean.
W: Batman purses Darth Vader
Me: vs
W: vs
Me: You mean, you can’t imagine what that story would be?
W: I guess the storm troopers will decide

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