Earlier this week someone shared a curious collection from Ulric Collete, a portrait photographer who was taking family photos and then assembling them in a way so family members overlapped. The effect was pretty amazing. On one side of the family portrait there would be a matriarch and then on the other side, lined up in familial symmetry, would be an offspring. Of course the resemblances between family members was interesting, but it was also fascinating to see what was different.

On the photographer’s site he states he is looking for “genetic similarities between members of the same family” and this intrigued me. I have heard for ages how much I look like my grandfather, and more recently W hears how much he looks like me. I wondered if I was missing any other similarities between the rest of us.

I quickly pulled some old photos and then took a saturday morning snap of myself and my mother and set about with the quirky task of seeing how well, or not well, we lined up.
genetic similarities

The image that was seriously WOW was a childhood photo of myself and one of W. They lined up almost seamlessly. I had a hard time lining myself up with my grandfather’s image. Beyond the shape of our noses I couldn’t quite get things to work there. When I put my face next to Millie’s I started to cry. I have never, not once, in my entire life thought I looked like my grandmother. Not once has anyone ever said it to me. And yet… our faces lined up so well and when I saw us side by side I could see US.

My mother and I look more alike now that we ever have. This is something that amuses us a great deal. I have to wonder if it is more than just genetics but familiarity that makes us look like each other.

I matched up a photo of LJ and her mother, but it was just as easy for me to match up a photo of LJ and JJ. (We are now wondering if LJ and JJ are long lost relatives… you never know!)
LJ familyfamily overlap

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