weary wednesday
With school over W is in this pre official camp kind of camp experience. His school is open and he is still going, but activities are pretty chill and lax and that is just fine for everyone involved. Just before the summer officially began I shuffled W’s schedule a bit so that he stayed longer on mondays and I picked him up earlier on wednesdays.

This means we can now go to the local story time at the library on wednesday afternoon. Except it isn’t JUST story time. I pick up W just before noon so we have an hour to kill before we can stroll into the library for books and crafts. We’ve used this time to have picnics or play in the shady playground in town. Today there was NO WAY we were going to hang outside for an hour. Too damn hot.

When it was time for books and crafts everyone was dragging just a little bit. The air is so heavy when temperatures soar above 95 and I got stuck in a cycle of yawning. (wow, just typing that word made me yawn) Story time ends at two and we have an hour before a weekly craft event happens at the church next door. We usually march right back outside to the playground but today? Nope. The librarian let us play quietly with legos to pass the time until our next scheduled activity.

FINALLY three happens and it is craft time and lots of kids are there and W gets a burst of energy from heaven knows where and I just want to crawl under a chair and nap the day away. Except the crafts are so fun and the kids are being ridiculously cute. How can a person resist a glue stick and tissue paper!?

On paper it doesn’t seem like a lot, these wednesday activities, but on a day like today it was completely depleting. By the time I pulled up to our home later this afternoon W was snoring through his allergies and I was enjoying the brief moment of quiet in the air conditioned car.

By the way he handled the news about the house pretty well. He was upset for a total of five minutes and then was done. I don’t think he had been as invested in the possibility or realized it. That is a relief.

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