I should have realized once I blogged about the possibility of the house before it was a sure thing that I was risking having to write this post. I really hate that I have to write this post. I could have just skated along never mentioning the almost house that my family fell in love with. It really was great: in a lovely neighborhood, an ideal size, it was all we were hoping for. We were the only application submitted because the house had not officially been listed for rent. This means it was still on the market. So of course someone else fell in love with it on the last day of the month and made an offer to buy it.

I’m annoyed at myself for getting my hopes up at what was a mostly sure thing. Turns out, there really is no such thing. It either is or it isn’t.

It’s going to be hard to tell W the news when I pick him up from camp this afternoon. We’ll be ok. We weren’t actively looking for a house anyway.

This is a hard one.

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