graduateI often say I’m a single mother, but I don’t parent solo. There are many people who are involved in my son’s life. Some of the most dear are the teachers, administrators, and early intervention specialists we have been lucky to know in the last three years.

I’ll never be able to fully explain how thankful I am to have found this school but I know, without a doubt, W would not have achieved as much as he has without it.

That being said, this kid has worked SO HARD!! He began the school year with problems like being able to hold a pencil and he worked with his teacher at school and we all worked with him on goals established from the early intervention team. The day he wrote his full name so many people wiped away a proud tear.

His desire to achieve propelled him and I watched him face challenges with the certainty of overcoming them.

I cried watching him walk with his class this morning and officially graduate from pre-k. I’m so proud of my son. I’m so lucky I get to see him tackle the world.

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